Worthy reads

Axiomatic Theories of Truth (Book) – Volker Halbach

Causation in a Physical World (PDF) – Hartry Field

Darwin’s Nihilistic Idea (PDF) – Alex Rosenberg & Tamler Sommers

Explaining the “Magic” of Consciousness (PDF) – Daniel Dennett

How to Combine and not to Combine Physics and Metaphysics (PDF) – Mauro Dorato

Intention and Convention in the Theory of Meaning (PDF) – Stephen Schiffer

Logical Dreams (PDF) – Seharon Shelah

Natural Logic (PDF/Book) – Neil Tennant

Naturalism: Friends and Foes (PDF) – Penelope Maddy

Philosophical Investigations (PDF/Book) – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Philosophy: A Contribution, Not To Human Knowledge, But To Huam Understanding (PDF) – P.M.S Hacker

Real Patterns (PDF) – Daniel Dennett

Rethinking Language, Mind and Meaning (Book) – Scott Soames

Remnants of Meaning (Book) – Stephen Schiffer

The Domestication of Language (Book) – Daniel Cloud

The Genealogy of Content or the Future of an Illusion (PDF) – Alex Rosenberg

The Five Wh’s of Set Theory (PDF) – Asaf Karagila

The Things We Mean (Book) – Stephen Schiffer

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (PDF/Book) – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Truth, Meaning and Understanding (PDF) – Scott Soames

Two Dogmas of Empiricism (PDF) – Willard Quine

Quining Qualia (PDF) – Daniel Dennett

What is at Stake in Illusionism? (PDF) – James Tartaglia