Informal Hour

The series where established philosophers discuss their area of expertise, informally.
Ep. 1 – Truth and Language with Scott Soames

Ep. 2 – Science and Morality (The Moral Landscape) with Brian D. Earp

Ep. 3 – Personal Identity and Freedom Regained with Julian Baggini

Ep. 4 – Wittgenstein and the “Evil God” Challenge with Stephen Law

Ep. 5 – Testimony and Epistemology with Guy Longworth

Ep. 6 – Eliminativism, Content and Truth with Alex Rosenberg (Part 1)

Ep. 7 – Ontic Structual Realism and the Philosophy of Physics with Steven French

Ep. 8 – Free Will, Punishment and Justice with Gregg Caruso

Ep. 9 – Ought Implies Can, Massimo and Toad with Vlad Chituc

Ep. 10 – Language, Meaning, and Vagueness with Stephen Schiffer