J.J. Chipchase

Email: naturalisticphilosophy@outlook.com


M.Res in metaphilosophy (2017), helped by George Shiber (phone), Alex Rosenberg (email) and Julian Baggini (face-to-face consultation); I owe all three a huge debt of gratitude.

I think most would agree that philosophy is not a scientific pursuit. When I say scientific, I refer to the adjective form of the Orwellian noun ‘science.’ (What is science?) Philosophy then, is a method of answering, or attempting to answer, those questions which science cannot.

The purpose of this website is the propagation of good philosophy and science. And also a reduction of their counterpart (by way of criticism). An ancillary benefit, one might say, is the ability to represent my own views, problems, thoughts.


  1. Though it is true I enjoy your writing style, I don’t agree with your main point of view about this one. I do delight in your website nevertheless. gkgdgadkfdbf


    • That would be cool, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t know how!

      Also, the quality of the recordings hasn’t been great thus far (nor has the editing,) as I’ve moved, and been travelling for the past 3 months!

      I would love to put more time into the project- which, is meant to serve as an educational tool, free of charge, – as better production means more listeners, a better service, and a greater reach (so, helps more people).

      So, hopefully, when I’m back I can look into it. Or if it’s relatively easy (?) I could apply myself and try and get it done here.

      Thank you for the question. I hadn’t thought of iTunes!


  2. Infinity is an extremely minute quantity that has trans-infinite properties in zeros.

    All Mathematical truth contained within all matrix string models, these can all be immersed in a multi-dimensional compact space, with all proofs closed and bounded in a set.

    That this set, itself, it can be contained with a hyperbolic cube of n – dimension.

    This particular cube, being just one cube, in a cubed mirror of infinite regress.

    Each adjacent cube, itself, having Mathematics and Physics that are not known, and, beyond most epistemological reasoning as to their intrinsic characteristics and identities.

    The cubed mirror of infinite regress being a mere grain of sand in a desert of hyper geometric purity.

    Modular forms in a Banach space may come close…


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