On the Anti-Scientific Agenda, Conspiracy Theories, and Other Religious Dogmas

What makes me vehemently opposed to the current anti-scientific agenda that seeks to undermine the protocols in place to contain Covid-19, and blame our governments utter failings as evidence of a larger, more nefarious plan to conquer the working man, and implement some form of Communism – is not their lack of understanding regarding the science. We are all ignorant in our own way. Nor is it the fact they wouldnt be able to give a satisfactory definition of communism, socialism, or plutocracy – the latter being a much more accurate description of what our country has become since neoliberalism. It isn’t even their bastardisation of the term “research”… Which, when I was sitting for my Masters, had a clear definition and (more importantly) a code of ethics.

For me, it is the fact that factions of this politicised group speak of freedom, while negating the freedoms of those around them. The fact they speak with no compassion to people who have lost loved ones to this virus, and would instead rather jibe “Do you mean *with* or *of* covid? The fact they will endlessly discredit a source of information (say the governments statistics on covid deaths), and then use that source as though it were infallible when it agrees with their confirmation bias (adverse effects of a vaccine, for example). The fact the very arguments they hinge huge, baseless claims upon are ommited from their attempted deconstruction of what has been recommended by an overwhelming majority of the scientific community. (Do mean adverse effects *with* the vaccine, or *from* the vaccine?) The fact that they feel it nothing to mock, ridicule, and effectively silence decenting opinions from their echo chamber in the most shameless, and capricious of ways. the fact that while doing it, theyll tell you its for your own good. Because youre a sheep, a fool, and a dissenter of their ‘freethinking’ – and must be ostracised as such.

But most importantly, and worse than all of those glaring oxymoronical positions: because theres no hope or positivity in it! Because, once you accept that this is all part of an intricate plot, then everything becomes a part of that plan. Nothing can be taken on face value, and everything is a ploy to take you deeper into the sleeping state with which they have diagnosed you. And, should it all come to pass; should these doomsday prophets and religious acolytes actually be correct in their ridiculous pronouncements – they’d be happy about it.

And if you dont believe that, ask yourself this: Why, when only one of their many – often nonsensical, sometimes obvious – predictions come to pass (in some small capacity), do they attempt to joyously take credit as seers for it?

Because they are so entrenched in their ideologically held positions, that they would rather be right at the cost of the world, than admit they were wrong and move on with it.

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