Informal Hour Ep. 10 – Language, Meaning and Vagueness with Stephen Schiffer

The provisional title of Stephen’s new book is ‘How Vagueness Affects Meaning’; and the published articles pertaining to that work are “Gricean Semantics and Vague Speaker-Meaning,” Croatian Journal of Philosophy 17 (2017): 293-319; “Vague Speaker-Meaning,” in A. Capone et al (eds.), Further Advances in Pragmatics and Philosophy Part II (Springer 2019: 3-23; and “Expression-Meaning and Vagueness,” in A. Sullivan, ed., Sensations, Thoughts, Language: Essays in Honour of Brian Loar (Routledge 2017). 

The first and third article are available on the website, and all are available on

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